Emergency diagnostics

Quick and accurate diagnosis in emergency situations - We are here for you in acute medical emergencies, providing support and care.

Do you have a cold and are unsure if you need antibiotics?
Are you experiencing chest pain and worried you might be having a heart attack?

Our practice is equipped with extensive technical and laboratory capabilities, allowing us to conduct comprehensive acute diagnostics at any time:

  • ECG and stress-ECG for chest pain
  • Blood gas analysis for oxygen deficiency due to heart and lung diseases, for example
  • Urine test for suspected acute urinary tract infection/kidney inflammation
  • Heart attack exclusion with Troponin T
  • Pulmonary embolism and thrombosis exclusion with D-Dimer determination
  • CRP and Procalcitonin determination for informed decisions on whether antibiotics are necessary
  • Measurement of electrolytes Potassium, Calcium, Sodium in cases of potentially life-threatening electrolyte imbalances
  • Blood gas analysis for suspected acid-base imbalance
  • Comprehensive ultrasound diagnostics for all emergencies involving the heart, vessels, or abdomen
Our goal is to provide fast and competent assistance. Our diagnostics enable us to quickly and accurately identify acute illnesses and initiate targeted therapy. If in doubt, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.
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